Friday, 13 September 2013

Off on holidays.....

Where does the time go??  I cant believe its a week since I posted and with so much to tell you as well!

Firstly lulu has had her hair cut and I must admit I did ask for it to be cut fairly short but now I feel so guilty and want to knit her a jumper!!  She looks soooo skinny, the poor love.

Then I had my nails (both toes and fingers) painted in readiness for my hols.  They are now a lovely glittery red but very short Im afraid as they keep splitting, so Im hoping the Shellac will enable them to grow a bit.
Now I cant say I never win anything cos I do sometimes, but can you imagine my surprise when I browsed my favourite website, UKS, on Tuesday morning only to find I won the Blog Hop!!  Ive won so many lovely prizes and was so excited I actually wanted  to go into work that morning (to tell everyone!)  Everyone says I should do the lottery this weekend as my stars must be in alignment!!

And finally, Megan and I are off to sunny (I hope) Tunisia on Sunday for an all exclusive holiday in the resort of Port El Kantaoui.  Now, Ive been to Tunisia before (about 30+ years ago) and although a lot of people dont like Tunisia I loved it and thought the beaches were fabulous and the people friendly, ok a bit too friendly sometimes!  Anyway, were only going for a week and intend to chillax big time and not spend much money (but it has got a great Spa apparently).  Hope it doesnt rain here too much (tee hee!!).

Well, Ill blog all about it when I get farewell for now peeps.

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