Monday 21 October 2013

Monday again....

Another week rolls around and the rain is lashing down today.

Megan had a photo-shoot at the weekend and came away with this lovely photo, she wanted more but they were just too stupidly expensive!!
I've also done a couple of LO's that I'm quite pleased with, the first is this week's UKS team challenge which I've done using mainly the new Quirky Kit Lite from Crafty Templates which I received last Friday.  

Also made this one for the Simple Recipes challenge again on UKS....

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Tuesday Twitterings.....

In the news this week....lovely meal out with Mum and Auntie Bridie at the Weighbridge last Friday.  I had Beef Bouginon followed by a delicious dessert of sorbet with a shot of Apple Sourz......lush!

Went to see  special screening of Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks.  It was a very good watch and makes a great change from some of the rubbish that's about at the moment.

Here are a couple of LO's that I have produced in the last couple of days.....

House challenge on UKS  - Dr Seuss quote

Lo using non-traditional Autumn colours on an Autumnal LO......

Wednesday 9 October 2013

uh oh ........

I am bad!!!  It's been ages since I last posted (sounds like a confession, bless be father for I have sinned...), anyway please forgive me those few of you who find yourself in this little corner on the interweb!!!

To make up for it, here are two recently completed layouts for you....

The first being my take on the great challenge for this month over on Mood's challenge no. 10 and it's greens/black/white space this month.  Go on over and take a look-see, lots of great inspiration to be found there.

The next one is this week's UKS weekly challenge, the criteria being a sketch, paint/mist, Autumn colours  and book title!!!

Photo is of Mum and Dad, both in their 80's now and the lovely paper is Glitz Design,  Laced with Grace Rose.

Next on my list to do is the UKS House challenge, which I hope to get done this weekend.  I'm enjoying my scrapbooking at the moment...probably something to do with all my new goodies that I won.

My social life has taken an unusual up-turn this last night meal tonight with work colleagues and lunch on Friday with my Mum and Auntie who is visiting from London!

Sunday 29 September 2013

Friday 13 September 2013

Off on holidays.....

Where does the time go??  I cant believe its a week since I posted and with so much to tell you as well!

Firstly lulu has had her hair cut and I must admit I did ask for it to be cut fairly short but now I feel so guilty and want to knit her a jumper!!  She looks soooo skinny, the poor love.

Then I had my nails (both toes and fingers) painted in readiness for my hols.  They are now a lovely glittery red but very short Im afraid as they keep splitting, so Im hoping the Shellac will enable them to grow a bit.
Now I cant say I never win anything cos I do sometimes, but can you imagine my surprise when I browsed my favourite website, UKS, on Tuesday morning only to find I won the Blog Hop!!  Ive won so many lovely prizes and was so excited I actually wanted  to go into work that morning (to tell everyone!)  Everyone says I should do the lottery this weekend as my stars must be in alignment!!

And finally, Megan and I are off to sunny (I hope) Tunisia on Sunday for an all exclusive holiday in the resort of Port El Kantaoui.  Now, Ive been to Tunisia before (about 30+ years ago) and although a lot of people dont like Tunisia I loved it and thought the beaches were fabulous and the people friendly, ok a bit too friendly sometimes!  Anyway, were only going for a week and intend to chillax big time and not spend much money (but it has got a great Spa apparently).  Hope it doesnt rain here too much (tee hee!!).

Well, Ill blog all about it when I get farewell for now peeps.

Friday 6 September 2013

First soup of the season.....

The trouble with trying to be a ‘Domestic Goddess’ is the aftermath!!  I’ve been making a fairly simple Butternut Squash and Chilli soup this morning and it seems to have been fairly successful BUT the washing up!!!  I don’t put my pots and pans in the dishwasher so had to tackle the washing up by hand.

In other poor, old mother had a bit of a shock yesterday when she discovered she didn’t have one cataract but TWO, one on each eye.  She will have the first one removed on 2nd October and then second one a few weeks later.  This will cause no end of problems for her because she is a carer for my poor, old dad who has dementia and heart problems.

Monday 2 September 2013

Monday meanderings....

Another Monday rolls around all too quickly but on the plus side it’s now less than two weeks to my holiday to Tunisa with Meg.  I need to get my head around washing , ironing and packing, we’re hoping to get away with just one large suitcase and one carry on between us but we’ll see! 
Looking forward to the Autumn schedule for TV and hoping that there will be one two or good drama series to follow.  So far I’ve heard of Whitechapel (excellent), Doc Martin (very good) and, of course ‘Strictly’ (woohoo!)
Flower photo is from my Mum’s garden............

It’ll soon be Summer’s end....I shouldn’t be sad because we have had a brilliant one this year but I am a bit.  Never mind Autumn is around the corner and that’s a good season too.....I love the smells of Autumn, don't you?